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10th March 2009
A Service to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Admission of Women as Readers

Service material for possible use to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the admission of women to Reader ministry, 09 May 2009. The service contains aspects of celebration and re-dedication that can be used within a Eucharist service or a Service of the Word. The suggestions are intended to provide sufficient material to select and construct an appropriate service. The suggestions are by no means exhaustive or conclusive and other material may be added as required. These suggestions do not set out to represent a triumphal feminism. Rather, they reflect the truth that Reader ministry is shared between men and women, and each brings to it their complementary gifts. They recognise the specific contribution that women have made to Reader ministry and affirm them in that ministry. Many of these suggestions can be adapted, by addition or amendment, to place different emphasis on particular aspects of the work of women as Readers.

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